Dealing with your payroll can be a constant headache.

Your staff need paying - the right money, on the right day, weekly or monthly, with the right deductions and accurate additions. Not to mention sick pay, maternity pay, bonuses, incentives, pension and national insurance payments.

And there’s no room for error. No one needs angry staff, fines and penalties. Managing the payroll is time-consuming. It’s a necessary part of your business but one you could do without!


Landin Wilcock is used by hundreds of companies across the region to deal with their payroll accurately, quickly and efficiently, month after month, year after year. From creating BACs systems and payroll summaries to issuing payslips and dealing with the HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf, we offer a responsive, flexible service you can trust to deliver.  

A fast, professional, personal service, we treat your employees as our own, working as a part of your business. With prices as low as £20 per month, we can deal with your payroll, efficiently and effectively and we sort out your end of year reports and forms too! Hand your payroll to us and we’ll ensure your staff get paid the right amount on the right day, every day.
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